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Month: October 2014

Halloween at Indoff!

Halloween is tomorrow and here at Indoff we are gearing up for a big day at the corporate office. We will have our 3rd annual pumpkin decorating contest! In addition, we will be having a chili cook off and employees can wear their costumes! To get everyone pumped up, I wanted to look back at […]

The Truth About Indoff Quiz Results!

A couple of months ago we created a quiz, “Do You Know the Truth About Indoff?”, to address some misconceptions about Indoff.  From the quiz results, we were able to gain insight into what people believe to be true about Indoff and our Partner Program. Below are some of the results and answers to the […]

Indoff Material Handling: Rack System Project

Indoff Partners, Brian Galloway and Brad Anderson designed, sold and installed the rack system and bin cabinets shown in the pictures below to help a customer solve their storage issues for their gift shop products. The areas shown are used to store t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and more. As you can see, they had to […]

Why Use Promotional Products?

If you don’t use promotional products, then it may be time for you to reconsider that decision. Check out these eye opening statistics about promotional products according to a study a done by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International). 88% of consumers that received a promotional product in the last 12 months recalled the advertiser. According […]

WireCrafters: 3 Key Ways Driver Cages Make the Warehouse Safer

In any warehouse or distributing environment, it’s critical to prevent injuries and accidents, protect equipment, and make sure valuable inventory is secure. When it comes to the shipping and receiving area, security too often goes overlooked. Most busy operations don’t have the time to monitor visitors, delivery drivers, service providers, and others who enter the […]