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Do You Know The Truth About Indoff?

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Do you know the truth about Indoff?


Here are some frequently asked questions about Indoff and our Partner Program:

Does Indoff make their Partners sign a non-compete agreement?

No, your customer base belongs to you. If a situation arises that would cause you to leave Indoff, your customers can go with you.

Does Indoff require a franchise fee to become a Partner?

Indoff is not a franchise organization. You will be an employee of Indoff.

Does Indoff assign me a sales territory?

Indoff does not have territory restrictions because this limits your selling potential. We do have account protection, if you develop an account, then you should profit from the relationship.

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid at the end of the month following when the sale is invoiced. For example, if your sale is invoiced in January, then you are paid commission on that sale at the end of February. Commissions are paid based on invoicing, not when the customer pays.

Will I be an independent contractor?

You will be a W2 employee of Indoff and are therefore eligible to participate in our benefits program. You will also be covered by our liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

Does Indoff cover marketing or office expenses?

Indoff provides a cell phone/internet monthly stipend, office expenses and an annual marketing budget.

Do I have to pay out of pocket for my deliveries and installs?

No, Indoff pays the vendors direct and it becomes a job cost that we split 50/50.

Does Indoff have preferred vendors?

Indoff has access to almost every vendor nationwide with competitive pricing.  We allow you to work with the vendors you are comfortable with or have experience working with in the past.  You receive the true cost from the manufacture and you set your own pricing.


We hope you learned something new! Do you have questions about the Program? Contact our National Marketing Manager, Angela Suntrup at

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