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Vendor Spotlight: Highland Products Group


Partnership Highlight: Highland Products Group Makes It Easy to be the Site Furnishings Expert

Highland Products Group is one of our newest, but most highly celebrated partnerships. Since 2001, they have manufactured, warehoused, and built vendor partnerships to be the most comprehensive source for site and facility furnishings. Today, the group is an established network that continues to grow because of their evolving product line, informed staff, and motivation to seize new and bountiful opportunities.

The team at Highland sets a high bar for helpful, informed support teams, as they work diligently to be the most knowledgeable, in both their product lines and the industry of their partners and customers. Everyone in the organization, from sales support to IT, knows the difference between thermoplastic and plastisol and could explain to you when to recommend which material. Not only do they pride themselves in response time, but they also offer partners support documents that share industry knowledge with reps like us. Highland does their best to make it easy for us to move forward with our sales techniques.

As part of their efforts to be the most comprehensive source of site furnishings and equipment, Highland also works hard to make sure that they have the high quality products our customers need. From the assortment of product materials, like wood, recycled plastic, and metals, to the broad product line- imagine everything from high margin bleacher units and windscreens to the commonly requested recycled plastic picnic tables, to a massive collection of customizable benches, trash cans, or mats.

The opportunity to be an easy, one-stop source for any facility is only as far away as getting in touch with Highland.  Our primary contact, Mike Giehl, has proven to be a great partner and resource as we move forward with an expanding product offering and available support documents. Don’t hesitate to contact him for anything, even an introduction.

Happy selling!

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