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Month: August 2013

Partner Meet & Greet: Terry Busing

It’s time for another Meet & Greet! This time we asked Material Handling Partner, Terry Busing, a few get-to-know-you questions. See what he has to say! 1. What is one of your career goals for 2013? To hopefully reach the million dollar sales club. I plan to accomplish this by doing several things.  Increasing my social media […]

Become Social

Social media, for many of us, has been a prevalent part of our lives. We are used to it and life without it is becoming a distant memory.  For others, though, being present socially is a foreign idea. They may not see the need for social media or simply don’t understand how it works. This […]

Vendor Spotlight: Highland Products Group

Partnership Highlight: Highland Products Group Makes It Easy to be the Site Furnishings Expert Highland Products Group is one of our newest, but most highly celebrated partnerships. Since 2001, they have manufactured, warehoused, and built vendor partnerships to be the most comprehensive source for site and facility furnishings. Today, the group is an established network […]

Becoming Smarter Through Daily Activities

For many, being “smart” is a desirable, personal characteristic. Whether it’s on pricey textbooks or top of the line education, we tend to spend countless hours and dollars trying to learn as much as we can. But what if we could do things, as a part of our daily routine, that could increase our smarts […]