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Month: January 2013

Don’t Be The 70%

Email marketing can be a tricky thing. It is so easy to type what you want to say and press send, but when you are a marketer or a business person, it can be a little tougher than that. According to a recent article  from HubSpot, about 70% of marketing emails are considered spam and […]

Having A Positive Presence

Everyone knows that a first impression whether on a job interview or meeting someone for the first time is critical. We know to dress and talk professionally, but something we may not pay much attention to are our non-verbal communication skills. The way we stand, sit, and even walk can tell a lot about not […]

Indoff’s 2012 Recap

2012 was a successful year for Indoff. We added 70 new Sales Partners within our five divisions. Indoff welcomed 11 Business Products Partners, 25 Material Handling Partners, 23 Commercial Interior Partners, nine Promotional Products Partners and two Commercial Printing Partners. These new additions, along with Indoff’s 400 other Partners, grossed over 110 million dollars in […]

Being Self-Productive

A New Year for many people means a new chance to better business in 2013. They focus their resolutions on their office work and forget that a lot of that success actually comes from within them. By losing hold on your self-productivity, you may not be able to fully achieve the goals and “resolutions” you […]

January Partner Meet & Greet

This month’s Meet & Greet is with Promotional Products Partner, Matt Vroom. Here’s was Matt had to say! The Interview: 1. What is one of your career goals for 2013? To get back to the Million Dollar Club that I achieved two years ago. 2. If you could live anywhere in the world, no strings […]

Social Media Resolutions

Social media is one of the main channels that present day advertisers and marketers use to connect with us, the consumer. In 2012 the United States alone spent an estimated $3.6 billion on social media advertising. This number is almost half of what the entire world spent in this category, last year. This number is […]