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Month: November 2012

November Vendor Spotlight: Eliason Corporation

Eliason Corporation was founded in 1952 and is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Credited with developing the original double-acting traffic door, they originally manufactured walk-in coolers and freezers before developing the Easy Swing® hinge system which helped develop their first traffic door. The original Easy Swing® hinge system was patented in 1964 and it immediately became […]

Getting the Most Out of You and Your Employees

A 9 to 5 work day has become the norm for most of the American population. For some, even longer hours are expected on certain days. Recently, studies have shown that the longer an employee spends in the office, the less productive they actually are. An article from the Harvard Business Review suggests that longer […]

Are We Becoming Too Commercialized?

With Black Friday just days away it seems like everyone is making plans to fight the crowds and score great deals on whatever they can find. This year though, stores are opening their doors earlier than the stroke of midnight; about four hours earlier. Many people are excited about the change, but others feel like […]

Being a Good Communicator

No matter the situation, communication is vital. Whether it is verbal, non verbal, physical, or emotional, it is one of the biggest challenges that people have when interacting with others. Not everyone is great at communication. Developing good communication skills can be harder than most people realize. It takes a while and lots of practice […]

Remembering to Say Thank You

Saying something as simple as “thank you” has the potential to make someone’s day. People take pride in what they do and when another person acknowledges those actions it tends to boost their morale. So why don’t we take what we learned as children and apply it to the workplace? Giving praise to an employee […]

Tips for Blogging on Your Partner Marketing Site…and Everywhere Else!

Blogging can become frustrating if you find yourself at a loss of topics or if you see your weblog is lacking page views. While having captivating content is a goal that every blogger should aim for, we sometimes get stuck in a rut. Don’t get discouraged! There are tricks to making sure that your blog […]

Indoff’s National Sales Meeting Recap

Last weekend, Indoff hosted our National Sales Meeting in St. Charles, Missouri. Our Sales Partners came in from all across the United States to take classes and learn from each other about being a better, more effective sales person and about the Indoff family. “The NSM (National Sales Meeting) was a great opportunity for our […]

October Vendor Spotlight: Tombow

  Overview Tombow is a market leader for arts, crafts and office products. Serving consumers and businesses around the globe, Tombow was established in Japan in 1913 as the wood-case pencil provider for Japanese students. Since these beginnings and supported by a history of unparalleled customer service, Tombow has grown the company’s portfolio to a […]