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Do You Use Social Media Responsibly?

Social media is powerful. There is no question about it. It can literally break a company or public figure if used the wrong way. An article, found on, explains how social media keeps people, especially company leaders honest. Companies with a social media presence have to be especially careful since sites like Facebook and Twitter tend to pose as a platform for digging up once hidden information and complaints. With these sites companies are now accountable for not only what they say online, but how they behave offline as well. Social media makes you more visible, therefore making your accountability skyrocket.

So what does this mean for the rest of us?

Most of us don’t own our own multi-million dollar company and we don’t have the responsibility of running a city so it may not seem like social responsibility is a big deal.

It’s actually a very big deal.

Creating an honest appearance and watching the content you post online can be the best choice when deciding to develop an online presence.

A quote from the article states, “Every single individual has now been empowered to create a mass movement.”

In other words, when a customer, future client, or even a potential employer sees content that they may find offensive or simply do not agree with, it can hurt your business. That one person who has a problem with how someone behaves or what content they post has the power to form an army of people with their same views.

This may be a problem if you are trying to do business via social media or even online. Social media sites have formed strong communities causing information to spread like wildfire if given to the right person. It could damage your reputation and have people thinking twice about doing business with you.

Many people still go ahead with the controversial actions and posts and it doesn’t seem to have an effect on their business or their lives in general. While this may be true, one has to think about the future. What you say today can directly affect you tomorrow. That’s one of the bittersweet things about the Internet; it remembers everything.

In all, watch what you are putting on the Internet. Take a second and ask yourself a few questions

  • Is this a controversial subject?
  • Would I offend someone if I posted this?
  • Opinions aside, are the images I’m about to post too graphic or one-sided?

Here are more strategies for social media etiquette.

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