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Month: July 2012

July Vendor Spotlight: Maple Ridge Farms

Founded in 1979, Maple Ridge Farms began by selling their products door-to-door to local businesses in central Wisconsin until a few years later in 1982 they discovered the promotional products industry. Since then they have sold exclusively through distributors. Maple Ridge Farms originally produced their gifts in a rented warehouse until 1990 when they decided […]

June Vendor Spotlight: Akro-Mils

Akro-Mils, a Myers Industries ( company, is all about storage, organization and transport solutions that increase material handling efficiency and reduce costs in virtually any industry. Their broad range of products have been used to shorten assembly times, maintain accurate inventories, improve parts protection and optimize storage space for more than 65 years. Their products […]

Why You Should Use LinkedIn

A “professional Facebook” and “a place to network” are just a few of the labels LinkedIn has earned over the years. In a sense, both of these are correct. On LinkedIn, you have your own profile just like you would on Facebook. The only difference is your LinkedIn page highlights your professional experiences, skills, and […]

Indoff Goes to the ASI Show!

ASI, short for Advertising Specialty Institute, is a large company that works with both suppliers and distributors in advertising for thousands of different products. They host shows that feature vendors from across the nation and presentations from inspirational speakers. A few of Indoff’s corporate employees took a trip the ASI Show in Chicago last week […]

Tips for Engaging an Online Audience

Engaging the online community is pretty important in today’s society. Whether it is Facebook checking what their friends are up to or their local news site checking the weather forecast for the day, everyone is constantly on some sort of online website. It may be a little intimidating to think that your site, may it […]

Network Your Way to Indoff

As we all know, social media is a very powerful tool. Depending on how it is used, it can make or break a person, company, or even a product. The opinions and exposure of any social media community are valued because a “mention” or a “share” from anyone means exposure for that company. At Indoff, […]

How to Start Managing Millennials

Generational differences play a big part in the work place. At times, an older generation can clash with a younger generation simply because they do not understand how the other prefers to do things. There are ways to avoid these conflicts and, going on, it may be more necessary than ever before. An article found […]

July Meet & Greet with Staci Deaton

Starting this month, and each month after, we will feature one of Indoff’s Sales Partners. This is a chance to get to know our Partners on a more personal level and to have a little fun. This month we are featuring Staci Deaton. Staci is a part of Indoff’s Material Handling Division. She has been […]

Social Madness!

With almost one billion users on Facebook, it would be wrong for a company to not have an active Facebook account. Just think, that is almost one billion people who could potentially become YOUR customer. Social Madness is supporting the social media craze all over the United States. It is a competition divided into three […]

Way To Go IT!!

It takes more than one person to run a company. In fact, it takes a team of people, dedication, and a lot of responsibility. If there is a problem, you have to find a solution and if there isn’t a solution, you better create one. Recently a member of the Indoff family ran into a […]

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