Commercial Interiors Case Study

Decor and Furnishings, Restroom Upgrade, Model Display and Lobby Sec for Whirlpool

Appliance manufacturer in Amana, Iowa

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The lobby of Whirlpool’s Amana Appliance plant was in need of numerous updates including the incorporation of improved security, fresh décor and furnishings, upgraded restrooms to meet ADA guidelines and display fixtures were needed to highlight models manufactured at this facility.


Reception Area: Increase security while eliminating receptionist position.
Décor/Furnishings: Refresh interior with updated aesthetics and accessories.
Restrooms: Create a low maintenance environment incorporating energy saving products and meet all ADA regulations.
Appliance Display: Provide sleek and attractive displays to feature each appliance.


Reception Area: Add doors with card control access to secure the area, enclose the open stairway and add a phone for visitors to notify contacts of their arrival.
Décor/Furnishings: Supply new furnishings from floor to ceiling including a new color scheme, new waiting area furniture, new carpet and ceramic tile, high efficiency sensor operated lighting, a slimline ceiling grid and a custom updated handrail/baluster system.
Restrooms: Revise the stall size, add grab bars, and provide a lavatory height and floor plan to meet ADA guidelines. Sensors were added to faucets, flush valves and lights to increase efficiencies. A glass and stone pattern in ceramic tile was installed on the walls and porcelain tile on the floors for a contemporary, easy to maintain area.
Appliance Display: Custom display columns were constructed to allow a backdrop for six refrigerators.


Reception Area: Provides positive security within lobby while reducing employee overhead.
Décor/Furnishings: Supports the successful image of this location and their ability to participate in a style driven industry, while adding higher efficiency aspects to their facility.
Restrooms: Accomplish compliance with code as well as an attractive and low maintenance/low overhead facility.
Appliance Display: Highlights products manufactured at this facility, raising supplier awareness and employee pride. 


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